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Find your why and you will find your way. 

-John C. Maxwell

Q: Why family law?

A: I believed that is where I could be the best advocate for my clients. As a single mother I had experienced the the child support court system. Being divorced I was familiar with the heightened level of emotions from the break-up of a family, property division, custody of our children, co-parenting and starting over. It was my personal experiences and firsthand knowledge that added the extra layer of insight that I could lend to my clients which caused me to focus my practice primarily to family law.

Q: Why would you consider leaving your practice to take a position as judge?

A. The decision was not about me but more about the impact it would have on others. My decision was based on wanting more representation, inclusion and diversity in the Tarrant County Family Law courts. My decision stemmed from a strong desire to implement confidence in the judicial system that has been lost.


Q: What would you like to see different in the family law courts?

A: I would like to see more diversity. Diversity is more than just race. Diversity includes age, culture, backgrounds, and experiences. A priority for this court is to reduce the backlog of cases by utilizing more practical solutions such as zoom technology. Families in litigation should be priortized in getting their cases to a final disposition.  Lastly, restoring the faith that the community has lost on the judicial system by reassuring fairness and compassion to all.

Q: Why are you qualified to serve as judge if elected?

A: My experience as a family law attorney for over a decade, my ability to relate and understand the issues that families face each day, my leadership and business management skills all qualify me to serve as a family law judge.

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